More than 10 partner groups met throughout the LIVESTRONG Assembly 2012, working on tactical plans and 2012 initiatives in their respective areas. More on this years Assembly:


The inaugural Assembly in 2011 connected our program partners to the donors who fund them and recognized individuals, both programmatic partners and donors, who make our work possible.

The 2012 LIVESTRONG Assembly will promote collaboration and exchange of ideas amongst LIVESTRONG‘s most important partners, advisors and constituents through small group meetings, presentations and social gatherings. The event will highlight our collective achievements and connect our programmatic partners to the individuals who advocate for the 28 million living with cancer.

This year, LIVESTRONG also marks the 15th anniversary of our fight against cancer. Over the past 15 years, $275 million, 81 cents of every dollar raised, has been spent on programs and initiatives to improve the lives of cancer survivors and their families.


More than 10 partner groups will be meeting throughout the LIVESTRONG Assembly, working on tactical plans and 2012 initiatives in their respective areas. We will also host a variety of elective, collaborative activities including the State of the Foundation lunch on Thursday where participants will hear from LIVESTRONG President and CEO, Doug Ulman, a Fun Fajita Dinner Thursday night where you’ll be able to kick back and enjoy the company of your fellow attendees and a Collaborative Mission meeting on Friday morning where all groups will join to network with one another and learn how everyone contributes to the success of our mission.

LIVESTRONG Promotores serve the Hispanic/Latino cancer community and assist this community with accessing LIVESTRONG’s cancer navigation services.
H/L Advisors
LIVESTRONG Hispanic/Latino Advisors provide insight and guidance to LIVESTRONG’s activities to reach and serve Hispanic/Latinos affected by cancer.
Doug Ulman: LIVESTRONG’s President en CEO – Sarah: Camp Kesem staffmember (R) – Nicoliene: teamlid LIVESTRONG NL (L)
LIVESTRONG at the YMCA Project Managers oversee the successful implementation and spread of the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program within their communities.
LIVESTRONG Navigation Partners
LIVESTRONG Navigation partners work collaboratively to provide key direct service areas related to delivering comprehensive navigation services for anyone affected by cancer.
LIVESTRONG Survivorship Centers of Excellence Network
The LIVESTRONG Survivorship Center of Excellence Network was established in 2005 to advance survivorship care and improve the health and quality of life of post-treatment cancer survivors. Network members direct survivorship programs and conduct research on survivorship care at seven different comprehensive cancer centers across the U.S.
Fertility Advisory Committee
Fertility Advisory Committee Members represent the oncology and reproductive health communities and advise LIVESTRONG on how best to meet the reproductive needs of those affected by cancer.
Cancer Transitions
Three Cancer Support Community staff members to conduct trainings with faciltiators from all 35 Community Impact Project 2011 sites.
Camp Kesem
Camp Kesem national staff and lead counselors from all 38 schools.
CIP 2012 Model Programs
Main contacts for all 2012 newly selected Model Programs.
Patient Empowerment Initiative
Lead agency representatives from the Mexico and South Africa Patient Empowerment projects and American Cancer Society partner staff.

Deze video was live opgenomen tijdens de LIVESTRONG bijeenkomst in Austin, Texas op 29 maart. Ook wij waren hier aanwezig. LIVESTRONG’s President en CEO, Doug Ulman, sprak over datgene wat gepland staat bij de Foundation voor 2012.

Lance Armstrong sluit zich aan bij Doug om vragen te beantwoorden uit het publiek op de LIVESTRONG bijeenkomst in Austin.